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Fluewrap is an insulated wrap for chimney liners
12mm thick x 10 meters long x .85 meters wide

Consideration should be given to insulating a chimney flue liner, particularly for external chimney's or chimneys on an outside wall, insulating the flue liner will greatly aid flue/chimney efficiency & subsequantly the efficiency of any stove.
The insulation material is needled mat flat textiles made from single fibres held together by their own adhesion, strengthened by a mechanical process.
E Glass material, odourless & binder free. Material is non toxic, non hazardous & non combustable. Material is white in colour, & can withstand temperatures up to 550 deg.c. & the insulation is covered on one side with bright class '0' reinforced foil.

This product offers a great alternative to back filling a chimney with vamiculite granules, & can make installation easier, quicker, cheaper & future chimney maintenance far more feesable.

(Flue liner not included)
JA4010 - Flue-wrap
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