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Who Are HETAS?

HETAS are the organisation recognised by the government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and associated equipment and services, HETAS independently confirm by means of testing manufacturers claims of appliance performance, heat output and efficiency.

HETAS in conjunction with the Solid Fuel Association has introduced a competent person’s registration scheme. The objective of this scheme is to ensure that any consumer wishing to have a new appliance installed or an existing appliance serviced can contact a competent engineer or company employing competent engineers.

Customers using a HETAS registered engineer will be issued a HETAS certificate of compliance on the completion of installation work. The information on the form is used to record your installation and in England & Wales it is used to notify your Local Authority Building Control Department of the work that was undertaken. This ‘self certification’ by registered installers takes the place of a Local Authority Building Notice which could otherwise cost the customer a significant amount of money. The HETAS installer is charged a small fee by HETAS for this service but much less than the charges incurred if you seek a Building Notice via the Local Authority. Failure to notify the Local Authority can be an offence resulting in action being taken against installers or Householders. The information will be available to Solicitors in any home selling process and will be used when calculating the overall home energy efficiency within the Home Information Pack (HIP).

In England & Wales Regulation 16A of the Building Regulations 2000 was amended in 2004 and places a duty on HETAS registered installers to give the property owner a certificate stating that the work carried out by the installer complies with regulations 4 and 7 of the Building Regulations.