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How Do I Keep My Stove Glass Clean and What Is Airwash?

Tars and carbons given off when burning wood can build up on the door glass of the appliance resulting in the reduction of the visible flame.

Many stoves offered on sale today have an airwash facility to help keep the door glass clean and allow a continued good picture of the flame (after all, this is one of the reasons why people buy stoves!).

This system allows air to enter the stove directly above the glass and pass over the surface of the glass creating a barrier of air between the glass and the flames; this prevents the tars from building up on the surface of the glass. Certain stoves now have a hot airwash system which, according to stove manufacturers, is more effective than conventional cold airwash systems.

Many airwash systems do require a certain amount of air to be drawn into the stove for the airwash system to function properly. As a low air intake volume reduces the heat output of the stove maintaining a clean glass whilst using the stove at low outputs is a difficult balance to strike. The cost of replacement stove glass is relatively inexpensive so if a thorough cleaning using a stove glass cleaner does not give good results, it may be worth considering replacing the glass.